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Romanian Youth Championship 2016 - Campionat National Copii Cadeti si Novice 2016

Olympic Arena, Brasov
ROU Romania

18 - 20 Mar, 2016

Best elements
Short programFree skating
Advanced novice boys1ROU Andrei TANASE24.161details24.16
Advanced novice girls1ROU Ana Maria ION26.921details42.831details69.75
2ROU Cristia CALCAN20.653details31.732details52.38
3ROU Cristina STEFAN23.402details28.573details51.97
Basic novice B girls1ROU Cristiana Mihaela SILCA40.161details
2ROU Andreea URECHE39.782details
3ROU Irina Maria PREDA33.223details
Basic novice A boys1ROU Sebastian RADOVAN31.991details
2ROU Stefan BOSTAN21.062details
3ROU Mihai PRISACARU20.973details
Basic novice A girls1ROU Andreea Ramona VOICU49.481details
2ROU Ana Sofia BESCHEA43.662details
3ROU Bristena PRODEA40.413details
Cubs boys1ROU David ODOVINCA38.411details
2ROU Andrei Tudor DOMINIC28.972details
3ROU Cristian ACHIM20.203details
Cubs girls1ROU Maria Alexandra GIURGIU34.691details
2ROU Ingrid PRICOP34.362details
3ROU Teodora Maria GHEORGHE29.533details
Chicks boys1ROU Stefan Viorel JIGANIE18.281details
2ROU Oszkár KARDA18.182details
3ROU Iustin TUHOARCA13.443details
Chicks girls1ROU Arianna PETRUT29.091details
2ROU Iulia TOMA29.032details
3ROU Sara NEACSU28.393details